Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Design: Carter & Wesley's Big(ish) Boy Room

Since we found out we're having a baby girl this June, at the first of January I decided to get to work redesigning Carter's room into a space he and Wesley could share (that should leave me plenty of time to turn Wesley's room into a girly wonderland!).

I found inspiration in a room I saw in Pottery Barn Kids magazine, but since that bed alone would've taken my entire budget, I decided to find my own, cheaper, solution. 

I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out, especially after hearing the boys squeal with delight once I unveiled it!

I'm still looking for a red, cursive "&" sign to put between their names on the door. 

I hated the idea of our oldest son always getting the top bunk, so when I found these little loft beds they were the perfect solution. These are also shorter than traditional bunk beds, so I like that a) if the boys fall, they won't fall from very far (eek!!) and b) the top bunk won't be directly in the way of the upper window. I love the natural light and didn't want to add curtains.

In addition to the forts beneath the beds, Carter's favorite part: His new Superman sheets (unfortunately they're not pictured)! One of my favorite parts would also have to be the forts, mostly because I can hide any of their ugly toys down there. Win!

Wesley hasn't complained, so I think he loves it too!

A few pics of their bathroom.

While Wesley won't start actually sleeping in here for a little while longer (why convert him from a crib when he's still perfectly happy), he does enjoy playing in here. Specifically jumping on his bed... ugh! :)

Now that their room is pretty much complete, I'm excited to move on to little sister's space in February!

A special thanks to my husband for assembling 2 beds and a bookshelf all in the same week! I promise no new projects for a couple of weeks! :)

UPDATE: I meant to include this pic in the original post and forgot. Here's a look at the room just before we painted in April 2012. When we moved into our house the walls were a watermelon color and it made the room very dark. Ick. 

Source List: 

  • Loft Beds: Amazon!
  • TeePee: The Land of Nod (similar here)
  • Red Chair: Target
  • Stuffed animal bean bag: Boon
  • Stuffed fox: BlaBla Kids
  • Ferris Wheel Print: Etsy
  • Bookcase: Kidkraft Sling bookshelf
  • Black beanbag: Walmart
  • Bedding: Target
  • Banner: Land of Nod

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