Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Events: Wesley's #1

Now that Wesley's 2nd birthday is quickly approaching in early June (it just so happens to also be 10 days before I'm due with little sister), it's time that I get his pictures posted from his 1st birthday party... only 9 months late. Better late than never.

Picking a first birthday party theme is tricky since the babes are still so little they really don't have many opinions yet. From just a few months old Wesley loved playing ball, so that made me want to do something sporty, but I wanted something a little more original too.

Brainstorming sports memorabilia led me to the foam finger number 1, which felt like a perfect fit for Wes. I was surprised more people hadn't already done this as a first birthday party. Or maybe they just hadn't posted about it online. Either way, the party turned out great and, most importantly, Wesley had a great time.

Here are just a few pics from the super fun day.  

I designed Wesley's invitations and then took them to a local bakery, Beth's Bake Shoppe, to have them duplicate it (along with Wesley's special smash cake). It turned out great and tasted even better!

I filled a photo album with pictures of Wesley's first year and it was a hit with our guests. I did a similar thing for Carter and he loves looking through his album, so I know Wesley will too when he's a little older. 

Love these babes!

I lucked out to find Wesley's shirt at Children's Place last year, but Etsy had numerous #1 foam finger designs as well. 

A friend made the cake pops for us. It pays to have good connections! :)

I filled the treat bags with mini foam fingers & squishy balls (both from Amazon) and baseball peanuts. Then used some little stickers I'd had made when I printed the invitations for the labels. Overall they were super cheap & easy to throw together. 

The special fancy birthday hat lasted as long on Wesley as it did on his brother 2 years before (Note that neither boy let us even tie the hat... THAT'S how long it lasted!).

At first Wes slowly ate a little frosting...

But it wasn't long before he dove in. Literally.

In the end he was a giant mess of happy-sugar-high baby. Just the way they're supposed to be following a 1st birthday.

I love their smiles so much! I feel like this picture perfectly describes the day. (Note: I was glad I had a second birthday outfit for Wesley since his first outfit was DESTROYED with cake! I don't even want to talk about how long it took us to clean his high chair.)

So now it's time to plan birthday #2! 

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